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Terms & Treatment Conditions

1. The 3D Smile Preview is a simulation for illustration purposes only. The actual results may vary slightly. 

2. To ensure a successful treatment the Invisible Braces need to be worn for 22 hours a day. Make sure to remove the braces before eating and drinking (you can keep them on when drinking water).  

3. After your payment is received, we will prepare the full set of Invisible Braces. This will take around 7-10 working days. Once ready, you will receive an email to book the Fitting Appointment to pick up your Invisible Braces at

4. During the appointment, will be fitting your Invisible Braces to ensure that everything is working as planned. There will be minor filings required to create very small amounts of space between pairs of teeth, in order to allow the teeth to move as needed during treatment. This process is referred to as Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR) and is used in more than 95% of all Invisible Braces cases. It usually takes around 5-10 mins to complete the IPR and you won’t be charged for it. Learn more about IPR

5. During the treatment, will continuously review your progress photos uploaded via the Smileneo Mobile App. To monitor the treatment, it's important to receive these photos on day 10, the last day of each set of braces. If you have any questions, the App Chat is the fastest way to reach us.  

6. At the end of the treatment, if your teeth have not moved according to plan, you may require additional sets of Invisible Braces (refinement). There will be no change of treatment objectives during the refinement. Treatment objectives refer to the final teeth positions in your initially approved treatment plan. Additional Invisible Braces are included in the treatment price of BHD, when braces were used in accordance with directions (wearing time of 22 hours a day) and progress photos were uploaded continually via Smileneo App. You only have to pay a fixed fee of 50 BHD for the new 3D Intraoral Scan at

7. To keep your new smile in place after the treatment, you will need retainers for your teeth. Without retainers, your teeth have the tendency to move back to their original position. You can decide between removable Invisible Retainers or fixed metal retainers. Invisible Retainers look very similar to your Invisible Braces and need to be worn at night. You can order them directly through the Smileneo App at 50 BHD a pair. Metal retainers, however, will be attached at the back of your teeth. Please ask for a quote and book an appointment once your treatment is done.


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