What is IPR, are there advantages and is it safe?

What is IPR?

IPR is effective and safe

IPR or Interproximal Reduction has become an effective orthodontic treatment approach to create space and more stability in the dental arch. The small space between pairs of teeth allows a successful teeth movement and straighter teeth.

Scientific studies (see below) have proven that IPR is not harmful to the enamel and doesn't create a higher risk for cavities or decay.

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Advantages of IPR

Removal of black triangle gaps

Black triangles are triangle-shaped gaps between teeth located at the gingival margin. IPR reduces black triangles and promotes a healthier gum.

The removal of black triangles reduces not only bacteria and plaque in these areas, it also results in a more beautiful and younger smile.

The before and after photos show how a black triangle was removed after preforming IPR and using Smileneo Invisible Braces.

eFfectiveness and safety of IPR

Scientific research on IPR

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Frequently Asked questions

Interproximal Reduction (IPR)

What is IPR?

Smileneo Plus

IPR (Interproximal reduction) is used to create space between two adjacent overlapping teeth for creating ideal tooth movement and alignment.

What are the advantages of IPR?

Smileneo Plus

IPR is used by doctors in cases where small space is needed to align overlapping teeth, creating an aesthetically pleasing smile and improving the bite of your teeth. This prevents the dentist from otherwise extracting perfectly healthy teeth.

Is IPR painful?

Smileneo Plus

Generally, there is no discomfort or pain during the procedure because of minimal amount of enamel being contoured, however, you might feel a little sensitivity in the beginning.

Are the gaps between the teeth noticeable after IPR?

Smileneo Plus

After the IPR process, you will see small gaps between your teeth but it will be closed as your Smileneo Invisible Braces treatment progresses.

Is IPR safe?

Smileneo Plus

IPR is safe as it will not lead to any risk of tooth decay, gum disease or bone disease. The patient can very rarely experience sensitivity for 1- 2 days.

Will there be an additional charge for IPR?

Smileneo Plus

There is no extra cost for IPR. The doctor will perform it at the Fitting Appointment.


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