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Affordable Invisible Braces with flexible payment options

Am I a candidate?




Regular teeth movements & remote monitoring

Greater teeth movements & clinic monitoring

Complex teeth movements & intensive clinic monitoring

7,400 AED

9,900 AED

Case based

60% more affordable

Get your new smile starting at AED 985/month

Smileneo | makeO Invisible Braces start at 7,400 AED. This includes the Doctor Consultation, treatment plan, a full set of Invisible Braces and the remote monitoring via mobile App.

one-time or monthly Installments

Flexible payment options with 0% interest

Pay your Invisible Braces securely online with Visa card or Mastercard. Pay in 0% monthly installments with our partners Tabby and Tamara.

You will always receive the full package of Invisible Braces at the Fitting Appointment.

One-time Payment

AED 7,400

0% interest, no hidden fees.

Visa and Mastercard

in 6 Installments

AED 1,150/month

0% interest, no hidden fees.

Visa and Mastercard
Tabby Installments

in 1+6 Installments

AED 985/month

0% interest, no hidden fees.

Visa and Mastercard

3 month
payment plan

6 month
payment plan


1,725 AED

990 AED


1,725 AED

985 AED

0% interest, no hidden fees

Monthly installments starting at 985 AED

Pay your Invisible Braces in 3 or 6 monthly installments with our partners Tabby and Tamara. 0% interest, no hidden fees and no Credit Card required.

Pay your installments conveniently with Visa Card or Mastercard.

After the Online Assessment

Doctor Consultation: 0 AED

Enjoy the highest standards of care at the dental clinics:

  • Doctor Assessment
  • 3D Intraoral Scan
  • X-Ray
  • Photos
  • Treatment Plan
  • 3D Smile Preview

No Doctor Consultation fee!

The service charges will be 400 AED, payable directly at the clinic.

Smileneo Doctor Consultation

Payment After 3d Preview

Invisible Braces: 7,400 AED

Your package includes:

  • Full set of Invisible Braces
  • Case
  • Chewies
  • Removal Tool

Pay directly online after you received the 3D Smile Preview from your doctor.

Keep your Smile in place

Invisible Retainers: 500 AED

After completing the treatment, it's necessary to get retainers and keep your new smile in place. Ask your doctor about fixed metal retainers and get a pair of Invisible Removable Retainers at 500 AED.

Invisible Retainer
Am I a candidate?