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Smileneo is a high-quality, affordable and convenient teeth straightening solution. With our certified partner clinics in Saudi Arabia, we transform smiles in 6 months on average.

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Invisible Braces starting at SAR 6,900. Pay at once or in 0% monthly installments starting at SAR 980/month.

The future of Teeth straightening

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6,900 SAR fixed price - One time payment or 0% monthly installments


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Most people believe that the only reason one chooses to have braces in Riyadh is so they can have straighter teeth and have a perfect smile.

That's certainly is one of the main reasons of having braces but, for a lot of people, braces are a solution to fix a variety of cosmetic complications that range from misaligned jaws, too narrow or too spaced out teeth, under-bite/overbites and much more!

Dental braces are the solution to all of these problems. Hence, braces in Riyadh have become popular among adults as well,however, due to the clanky and unpleasant look braces give, they avoid it. Which is why, Invisible Braces in Riyadh are the ultimate solution to achieve that perfect smile you long for!

Invisible braces are convenient, fast and reliable!

The clear braces work as dental trays that can be adjusted to your teeth to fit and are practically invisible allowing you to be confident in public! The Invisible Braces cost in Riyadh significantly less compared to traditional metal braces and align your teeth in a timeline of 6 months. Invisible braces are perfect for those who have sensitive gums as well!

Perfectly aligned teeth and gums have many benefits that you might not take into account, so, get Invisible Braces now and enhance yourself-esteem with cheapest braces in Riyadh!  

Invisible Braces in Riyadh – The Gateway to Your New Smile!

Invisible Braces have many benefits and seem to be the perfect fit your all your dental cosmetic concerns. So, are you worried about finding the perfect solution to achieving your goal smile but troubled about the Invisible Braces price in Riyadh?

If you’re looking for cheapest braces in Riyadh that are also high quality and provide you with the guaranteed perfect smile, then Smileneo has got your back! Smileneo refers you to licensed clinics in Riyadh.

Invisible Braces in Riyadh brings you the best price and with guaranteed results!

Invisible Braces give you a faster result than the traditional braces that take at least 2 years! With Invisible Braces, get a perfectly aligned and healthy smile in just 6 months. Plus, you save up more as your progress is remotely tracked which saves from reoccurring clinic visits! With invisible braces Riyadh cost, you’re guaranteed to save a lot of money!

Smileneo ensures customer satisfaction!

Licensed clinics who join Smileneo offer a special treatment plan customized for each customer with top-of-the-line 3D technology. Through a medical grade 3D intra-oral scan and physical assessment by licensed experts, you are given multiple sets that are made with perfection to fit to your teeth!

So, are you ready to embark on your healthy smile journey with Smileneo? Sign up now and find out if you can be a candidate!

Clear Braces – Affordable Price for Braces in Riyadh!

Invisible Braces give you great results with precision. In Riyadh, Invisible Braces will be your best choices as:

  • Braces come at fixed priced of only SAR 6,900 and flexible payment options with 0% Interest.
  • With Smileneo, you ONLY need to visit the clinic twice as it offers remote consultations.
  • Stay in touch with your orthodontist where you’ll be instructed on weekly update. 
  • Begin your treatment 1 week after approval and get your new smile in just 6 months!

Your customized Invisible Braces are made with consultation and adjustments by board-certified expert orthodontists that work on perfecting your teeth alignment so you can confidently smile!

Questions? We've got the answers.