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The digitisation of teeth straightening

We empower patients to make a positive change - a new smile that brings confidence to unlock limitless opportunities. With the help of 3D technology and top doctors in the Middle East, we provide a high-quality, affordable and convenient teeth straightening solution. Our partner clinics are carefully selected to ensure the highest level of care. 

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  • We acquire new patients for you
  • We increase your revenue
  • We enable you to offer remote monitoring via app
  • We make you a part of the future of teeth straightening

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The Future of Teeth Straightening

About Smileneo

Smileneo is a health tech company enabling doctors to be part of the digitalisation of teeth straightening. We believe that high-quality orthodontics should be affordable and convenient. Smileneo Invisible Braces are durable, stain-resistant, and BPA- and phthalate-free, moving teeth gently to their desired position. 

With fully digital processes and end-to-end 3D technology we provide a seamless experience without compromising on patient care. Our mobile application creates the next level of convenience by saving recurring clinic visits for the patient and allowing remote monitoring by their doctor.

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Treatment monitoring via Smileneo App

Patients love the Smileneo App to track their treatment. They receive tips and reminders to follow their treatment plan.

You can see the progress and chat directly with the patient.

The future of Teeth straightening

Why choosing Smileneo?


6,900 SAR fixed price - One time payment or 0% monthly installments


3D Smile Preview and treatment remotely monitored via mobile app


End-to-end 3D technology and Invisible Braces of medical grade


Licensed telehealth platform for a safe and secure data