Am I a candidate?

Get your Invisible Braces in 4 simple steps

Am I a candidate?

Save time and money

Everything starts with our free Online Assessment

The 4 steps towards your new smile are simple and fast. Take the Online Assessment and get an invite to book your Doctor Consultation at one of our partner clinic.

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Free Online Assessment

Find out if you are a candidate!

The 3 photos help the doctor to look at your case before inviting you to the Doctor Consultation. It saves you time and money!

Your data is protected and will only be reviewed by health professionals. Receive the results within 24 hours.

Start your smile journey
Smile Assessment for Invisible Braces

Step 1

Online Assessment

Answer a few questions and upload 3 photos of your teeth. Why?

  • Saves time and money
  • Pick the clinic of your choice
  • Book your Doctor Consultation

Receive the Doctor Consultation invite within 24 hours after the Online Assessment.

Step 2

Doctor Consultation

Enjoy the highest standards of care at our partner clinics.

  • 3D Intraoral Scan
  • X-Ray
  • Photos of your teeth
  • Assessment by a doctor
The doctor will prepare your personalised treatment plan including a 3D Smile Preview of your new smile.
Doctor Consultation 3D Scan

Step 3

3D Smile Preview

Your doctor designs your personalised treatment plan. You will receive:

Once approved, your Invisible Braces will be ready within 1 week.

Step 4

Get all your Invisible Braces

During the Fitting Appointment at our partner clinic, you will receive all Invisible Braces from your doctor.

  • Full set of Invisible Braces
  • Protection Case
  • Chewies
  • Removal Tool

Download theSmileneo mobile App and you're ready to start your new smile journey!

Smileneo App Invisible Braces

TREATMENT and after the treatment

Your new smile in 6 months on average

To achieve the perfect results:

  • Wear Invisible Braces 22 hours a day
  • Change braces set after 10 days
  • Check in remotely with your doctor
  • Keep your new smile place with retainers

The Invisible Braces will slowly move the teeth in the desired position. Your doctor tracks the progress with the Smileneo mobile App.