Am I a candidate?

Straight Teeth with Invisible Braces at QAR 985/month

Am I a candidate?

4 Steps towards your new smile

The future of teeth straightening

Smileneo | makeO is a high-quality, affordable and convenient teeth straightening solution. With our partner clinics in Qatar, we transform smiles in 6 months on average.

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Smileneo | makeO Invisible Braces
6,900 QAR

Metal Braces
15,000 QAR

Other Aligners
20,000 QAR

transparent Pricing

Complete treatment at QAR 6,900 or 985/month

Smileneo | makeO Invisible Braces come at a fixed price of QAR 6,900. Pay at once or in 0% monthly installments at QAR 985/month.

The best Invisible BRaces

Smileneo |makeO is affordable, convenient, precise and certified


Transparent pricing and 0% monthly installments


3D Smile Preview and regular doctor check-ins every 10 days


3D printed, BPA- and phthalate-free Invisible Braces of medical grade


Licensed by local health authorities for a safe and secure treatment

Dr. Jonathan Doerr

CEO talks about future of teeth straightening

Dr. Jonathan Doerr, CEO Smileneo

Frequently Asked questions

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How do I book my Doctor Consultation?

Smileneo Plus

Everything starts with our quick Online Assessment. You'll receive an answer from our doctors within 24 hours. Select one of our certified partner clinics and book your free Doctor Consultation.

Online Assessment

What happens at the Doctor Consultation?

Smileneo Plus

The doctor will assess your teeth, take a 3D Scan and X-Ray. The accurate assessment is a fundamental part of a successful orthodontic treatment. Your health is our highest priority. The doctor will then create a personal treatment plan including a 3D Smile Preview showing the stages of Invisible Braces and duration of your treatment.

At the Doctor Consultation

Is Smileneo | makeO safe and certified?

Smileneo Plus

Both Smileneo | makeO Invisible Braces and its telehealth platform (including mobile app) are licensed by the local health authorities. Your treatment and your data is safe and secure.

How does Smileneo | makeO work?

Smileneo Plus

Based on the digital model of your teeth and your treatment plan, your personal Invisible Braces will be 3D printed. The treatment has multiple stages of Invisible Braces. They are tight-fitting to gently move your teeth to the desired position. Each set of Invisible Braces need to be worn for 10 days, 22 hours a day, before moving to the next stage. During the treatment your doctor will do regular check-ins to see if your treatment goes according to plan.

How does Smileneo work?

How long does Smileneo | makeO take?

Smileneo Plus

Smileneo | makeO treatments take on average 6 months. The duration of the treatment is based on your personal treatment plan that the doctor creates after the Doctor Consultation. The 3D Smile Preview shows the stages of Invisible Braces you will receive and duration of your treatment.

How much does Smileneo | makeO cost?

Smileneo Plus

You only pay after you have received your personal treatment plan. The Smileneo | makeO treatment comes at a fixed price of QAR 6,900. You can pay at once or in 0% monthly installments starting at QAR 985/month.

What's the difference to metal braces?

Smileneo Plus

Smileneo | makeO Invisible Braces are removable, invisible, more comfortable and 3x faster than metal braces. Your personal treatment plan including the 3D Smile Preview will show the duration and the outcome of your treatment.

How can Smileneo | makeO cost 60% less than other Braces?

Smileneo Plus

Our Invisible Braces are high-quality, durable, stain-resistant, and BPA- and phthalate-free. Our licensed telehealth platform lets us deliver a better quality of care without extra costs. Smileneo | makeO provides more regular check-ins with your doctor to make sure your treatment is on track and you feel safe and secure.


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