Complete Assessment

Invisible Braces are convenient, affordable, precise and fast

Complete Assessment

Your health is our priority

Planned by orthodontist and monitored via app

Smileneo and its partner clinics only use 3D technology. Your treatment is planned by orthodontists and monitored via mobile app. Get the best doctor care for your teeth.

Expensive Aligners


3D Scan &

Planned by Orthodontist


Treatment Costs

Invisible Braces are Affordable

Invisible Braces come at a fixed price. Pay at once or in 0% monthly installments.

Remotely monitored

Invisible Braces are Convenient

Smooth onboarding and treatment progress remotely monitored by your doctor.

3D Technology

Invisible Braces are Precise

We use 3D technology to produce Invisible Braces of medical grade. Providing a 3D Smile Preview before treatment start.

Treatment Start

Invisible Braces are

Start your Invisible Braces treatment 1 week after approval and get your new smile in an avg. of 6 months.

Smileneo OrthodontistSmileneo Orthodontist

Specialists in Teeth movement

Why we use orthodontists and not general dentists

Only orthodontists are trained in the diagnosis and correction of irregular alignments of the teeth and jaws. Thats why the treatment planning and your care should be in the hands of an orthodontist.

Expert at your fingertips

Remote monitoring via mobile App

Monitor your treatment via mobile App.

  • Track your daily wearing time
  • Take progress photos
  • Get reminders
  • Chat with your doctor
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