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May 3, 2020

How to take care of your Invisible Braces

If you’re someone who dreams of a perfect smile, then you’re not alone! We all share that dream, because truth be told – a perfect smile automatically spikes up one’s confidence and self-esteem!

And with Invisible Braces, your dream can become a reality!

With these advanced clear braces, not only can you stop worrying about an awkward appearance, but you can also get done with the entire treatment in a matter of just 6 months avg! Not to mention, clinics that Smileneo refer you to offer high-standard services that are fast, reliable, and most importantly, affordable!

Once you get your invisible braces, you need to take care of them. That’s the key to achieving your Hollywood smile without any complication or expensive fixes.

What Can YOU Do to Take Care of the Invisible Braces?

Smileneo Invisible Braces
Keep calm and smile more.

Always Rinse When You Remove Them

Rinse your clear aligners with cold water whenever you take them off. This helps wash off the dried saliva that can build up on the plastic. Making a habit to clean your invisible braces promptly also helps keep your mouth healthy.  

Never Rinse with Hot Water

You can’t simply run your invisible braces through the dishwasher or wash them with hot water. Wash them with cool water to keep them fresh and new.

Clean Them with Anti-Bacterial Soap

Instead of toothpaste, use antibacterial soap to clean your aligners. Toothpaste can be rough on the aligners.

Brush and Floss Before Wearing Them

After you’re done eating, remember to brush and floss your teeth before wearing your invisible braces. Doing this will prevent food particles from getting trapped between your teeth and your aligners.

Use Clear Retainer or Denture Cleaner

Colored mouthwashes can give your clear aligners the same tint as the mouthwash itself. To keep your invisible braces sanitized and clear, we suggest you soak your aligners in clear retainer or denture cleaner.

Follow these tips to maintain your clear aligners.  

Find out if you are a candidate by complete online assessment and be on your way to that confident, radiant and perfect grin!

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