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September 20, 2020

Wedding smile checklist

Amongst all the things that matter on your wedding day, what matters most is how you look! Given the choice between extra salt in food or a crooked eye-liner on her wedding day - every girl would choose extra salt. Add one more to the wedding checklist would be your perfect smile - it’s as important as everything else.

Top things to add the list before the D - day:

Get your teeth whitening done

Stained teeth on your big day is an absolute no-go. Trust us, your wedding gown may be perfect and the make-up may be on-point with the up-do you always wanted, but if your teeth are not clean, your wedding photos will haunt you for life. Imperfections tend to stand out more when everything else around them is so perfect. Get a teeth whitening appointment a month or two weeks before your wedding and get them pearly whites in order. Not just the ladies, the guys too should take notes and charm their brides with a blinding smile.

Choose the right lip color

No one ever thinks of their teeth when choosing a lip color - but they should. Your lip color has a huge impact on how your teeth appear. Now if you were to flaunt a red lip on your wedding day then be mindful of the fact that an orange-toned red lip color tends to make your teeth appear yellow while a blue-toned red shades make them appear more white. Try different shades before making a decision. Take some photos and compare, that will help you decide.  

Straighten your teeth

This wasn’t always so simple, but now it can be part of your wedding check-list, as it’s affordable, convenient and takes very little time. Brides and grooms, there is nothing better than having your dream smile on your wedding and if you’re someone who has a few months until your big day then sign-up for the Invisible Braces treatment. Your case if mild, can only take 6 months avg- but either way, in hardly any time you can have a smile that is perfect and will not only be great for your big day but last you a lifetime.

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