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August 10, 2020

Why Invisible Braces are great for college students

Starting off college is your first step towards being truly responsible. You’re taking life in your own hands, preparing for what’s next. You are preparing yourself to become a marketeer, a doctor or a lawyer in just a few short years – why not make sure you have a smile you can feel great about before starting your career? Here are 7 reasons why Invisible Braces are a great investment for college students. 

  1. They are affordable
    This one is for the parents. You’ve saved up for years and managed just enough for college, from the major expenses like tuition and dorms, to the smaller ones like books and leisure, college is expensive. Opening your wallet again for another lump sum amount is the last thing you want to do. Invisible Braces are the perfect option for you - it's an affordable treatment, which won’t make you break the bank. You can also easily avail the monthly installment plan and further ease the burden - it will probably cost you less than your child’s monthly phone bill. The investment will be worth every penny when you see your kid ready for the world with ten folds more confidence.

  2. They’re invisible
    You’re in college, you want your dream smile but you also want to look cool and not be that kid with clunky metals stuck to their teeth. The non-intrusive approach of Clear Braces are perfect for you. You will have straight teeth without having to compromise on your swag.

  3. The treatment is fast
    In 6 months avg, you will have your dream smile - that’s nearly one semester. The rest of your college years, you can smile confidently and easily get things your way. Be more likable to your professors, increase the chances of getting in the sorority of your choice. Metal Braces on the other hand can take up to 2 years - who has the time for that? 

  4. You can eat anything
    In college, you’re living the carefree life. You can eat as many pizzas without a worry - it’s after 25 that you get a reality check and start counting your calories. So in these days of carefree eating, no one should stop you or have you hold back. During your Invisible Teeth Braces treatment, you can eat everything. You just have to remove your braces before you do.

  5. Builds your confidence
    We cannot reiterate this enough. A good smile can take you places.  In a survey 48% adults said a smile is a person’s most memorable feature and 25% said someone with crooked or stained teeth is less confident.

All the signs are there, all the reasons are there. College starts in less than a month, without further ado, complete online assessment and get started today. 

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