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July 10, 2020

Your treatment remotely monitored with the Smileneo Mobile App

From banking to working out, we are so used to having an app that gets us by. Now imagine having your journey to straight teeth  managed via an app as well?

Introducing the Smileneo Mobile App, that allows certified orthodontists to remotely monitor your treatment and provide you expert care without recurring clinic visits during your clear braces treatment.

Smileneo’s Mobile App is your handy and reliable source of helping you make your dental treatment easier and convenient. The App is specially designed to help you track your treatment and send you daily reminders and tips through the course of your treatment.  No matter where you are and what time it is, you can ask all your queries from the  orthodontist that developed your treatment plan.

Remotely monitored treatment via app

The Smileneo App is teledentistry at its best:

  • Makes orthodontic treatment on the go possible
    You can stay in touch with your orthodontist through your phone and chat directly to know more about what to expect.
  • Allows you to be on track with your treatment
    You don’t have to mark days on a calendar or jog down your memory to remember when you last changed your aligner. With the Smileneo app, you’ll get notified when you’re ready to move the the next set of Invisible Braces.
  • Stay informed with tips and tricks
    There is so much interesting information that we want to share with you. Get regular tips and tricks from us and stay on top of your new smile journey.  
  • Get expert help with precision 24/7!
    Our orthodontists will track the progress of your treatment via photos taken from your smartphone so your treatment stays consistent, efficient and successful!

So, no matter if you’re busy, travelling, working, are on a holiday to a different city, your new smile treatment with  Smileneo won’t hinder your plans and make your teeth straighter, so you can smile more confidently.

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