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September 8, 2020

4 tips to take the best selfies

We all love taking selfies – after all, who can take a better picture of yourself than you?

But have you ever felt like your selfies don’t turn out that great? If you can relate with this thought, then we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to help you figure out what makes a selfie great. 

1. Lighting matters big time

You may recall how photographers pay particular attention to lighting. That’s because lighting can make all the difference in how your picture turns out. You need good lighting for a good selfie. And we highly recommend using natural light – yes, that means sunlight! It’s the best beauty filter that’s natural and doesn’t cost anything. You can step out of your house and bask in the glow of sun or you could find a window with ample sunlight peeking inside your house. 

2. Run away from shadows

No, seriously – avoid shadows because any shadow casting on your face will result in a terrible selfie. Just like good lighting can totally disappear your dark circles and eye bags, shadows can do the exact opposite! What you want to do is either face directly towards the sun or totally away from the sun – there’s no middle ground.  

3. Try various angles

It’s highly recommended that you play your angles. Try different angles till you find one that works for you. According to Kim Kardashian, the best way to click a selfie is with your chin down and the camera up. There are very few people who look good in selfies taken from under the chin, and well…we’ve never met any of them. Hold your phone up or get a selfie stick – this way your pictures will turn out much better. You can turn and/or tilt your face a little bit till you find an angle that looks perfect. 

4. Smile, smile and smile!

You should smile like you mean it, and we promise you that your selfie will turn out great. And if you’re someone who doesn’t smile because you’re not happy with your smile, then Invisible Braces are your holy grail. Smileneo’s Invisible Braces are a great way to fix your teeth alignment and get that perfect smile. It costs you much lesser than metal braces and you get results in just 6 months or less! Complete your online assessment today to be referred to a licensed clinic for the Doctor Consultation before you get your invisible braces.

With these tips to help you, we’re sure you’ll be able to click the best selfies - good luck!

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