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June 30, 2021

Closing gaps in your teeth with Smileneo Invisible Braces

Do you smile less or laugh consciously due to the spaces in between your teeth? Have you had bad breath due to food stuck in between the spaces of your teeth? Are you demotivated that the only way to correct this would be to opt for metal braces or an invasive treatment?

If yes, it is never too late to close these gaps with Smileneo Invisible Braces and flaunt that happy face again.

Spaces are seen in between teeth genetically due to teeth size being smaller than the space in your jaws or alternatively the size of your jaw being larger than all your teeth. Invisible Braces apply pressure on your teeth by aligning them and closing the spaces in between. It generally takes an average of 6 months, however every treatment with Invisible Braces is customized and case dependent.

Benefits of using Smileneo Invisible Braces to close spaces:

  1. No compromise on aesthetics – Unlike other traditional orthodontic treatments, Invisible Braces allows you to close the gaps without visible metal and ceramic braces or brackets, not disrupting your social life.
  2. Lack of invasive treatments – Some patients prefer going in for veneers or crowns to correct the spaces commonly known as Hollywood Smile. However, this results in loss of healthy tooth structure and needs maintenance every few years resulting in additional waste of time and money.
  3. Prevention of food impaction – Aligning the teeth can prevent food from settling in between your teeth. This not only stops decay but also helps in maintaining healthy gums. 
  4. Ease of oral hygiene maintenance - Unlike metal or ceramic braces, using Smileneo Invisible Braces allows you to floss and brush your teeth easily, helping you maintain your hygiene. 
  5. Freedom on diet – Metal and ceramic braces restrict you from foods that are hard and sticky. However, Smileneo Invisible Braces are removable and do not starve you off from your favorite foods or drinks. 
  6. Cost Effective - Smileneo Invisible Braces are priced at 6900 SAR, which is a lesser than most other treatments, making this not only an aesthetic option but also easy on your wallet.
  7. Painless – Aligning teeth with Smileneo Invisible Braces is almost pain free, other than the pressure you experience for the first 48 hours.
  8. Fewer Clinic Visits with remote monitoring – The Smileneo App allows you to close your teeth gaps remotely, without recurring clinic visits, thus saving you time and money. All you need to do is upload your photos on the App and receive a feedback from your doctors within 24 hours. 

Still have questions on Invisible Braces? Take our free online registration now to find out if you are a candidate (http://smileneo.co/3rb14T2). You will receive the Doctor Consultation invite within 24 hours after the Online Registration. Select one of our partner clinics and book the appointment directly online and get all your concerns and questions answered on Smileneo Invisible Braces.

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