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September 30, 2020

High-quality Invisible Braces

Smileneo is a teledentistry company leveraging 3D technology to provide high quality Invisible Braces to straighten teeth.

The founders and orthodontists of Smileneo are startup veterans with experience across ecommerce, orthodontics, tech and finance in regions such as Europe, Africa and Asia. They believe that high-quality orthodontics should be affordable and convenient.

Smileneo uses 3D technology to produce Invisible Braces of medical grade. These latex free, non BPA clear aligners come in multiple sets - you move on to a new set of braces every week until you reach the end of your smile transformation journey.  

The promise of end-to-end 3D technology starts at the Doctor Consultation, where an expert uses a 3D intra oral scanner to take a complete scan of the customer’s teeth. Once they have the 3D scan, the orthodontists use it to make the treatment plan - which maps out all different stages of the teeth straightening journey.

Once the treatment plan is done, the patient gets a 3D preview for approval. The 3D preview is a video that shows your teeth positioning after each set of aligners. You can move it around and view it from different angles. If the patient gives their go-ahead on the treatment plan the braces go in production. It takes a week for the entire set of Invisible Braces to be ready. After which, patients visit the clinic for their fitting appointment, where they collect their box of braces and also learn how to wear the Invisible Braces.

Now, they are all set. They have their clear aligners and their Smileneo app downloaded on their phones - from hereon it’s them and their orthodontist remotely connected.

Take the Online Assessment now and brace yourself for a tech-savvy, seamless, new smile journey.

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