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June 7, 2020

The science behind Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces are an amazing dental solution that have made getting straight teeth a convenient possibility. The process is simple – you place thin plastic aligners on your teeth for some months, after which you get that Hollywood smile that you always wanted!

But ever wondered how these magical braces work? The science behind the clear braces is quite interesting and has involved years of research and experimentation to reach perfection.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how transparent braces work.

How Do Invisible Braces shift misaligned teeth?

Invisible Braces use plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth to the correct positions. The aligners can do this by pivoting or tipping the teeth, rotating them, pulling them out or pushing them in.

The aligning trays look different each time. The first one will probably look a lot like your current teeth, but the final tray will be your desired teeth positioning. And in between, week on week, as you change your set of aligners, the trays are adjusted to gradually bring the teeth closer together.

The Invisible Braces treatment requires users to change their braces every week – this means that with every new tray, your teeth move closer to the desired position.  That’s why Smileneo’s Invisible Braces are a quick and convenient solution to misaligned teeth.

How do Invisible Braces remodel the bone?

Realigning the teeth requires moving the teeth through solid bone. The roots of your teeth are set in bone, with a ligament between the bone and the teeth. This is known as the periodontal ligament, which acts like a cushion.

The cells inside the periodontal ligament are responsible for removing the bone in the direction of the tooth’s movement and also adding new bone in the space created as the tooth moved out of it.

Invisible aligners exert pressure to move the tooth in the required direction. After the treatment is completed, it takes some time for the bone to harden all the way round the tooth. That’s why it’s extremely essential to wear retainers after the teeth straightening to maintain the new positioning.

What kind of attachments are used with Invisible Braces?

In some cases, attachments are used with your braces to facilitate teeth movement. Invisible Braces attachments are small buttons of plastic that’re stuck to the teeth’s front. These are also hardly visible. The attachments work as a lever to move the teeth in the required angles and positions. The clear braces trays lock into these attachments and push against the crooked or misaligned tooth together to aid movement.  Once the treatment is over, the attachments are removed without any trace.

How important is it to wear retainers after the Invisible Braces treatment?

Retainers are important to maintain that perfect smile of yours. Once your alignment has been fixed, you need to retain this new position to keep your teeth from drifting back to their old place. The retainers look exactly like your last set of Invisible Braces and you're only required to wear them at night for 1-2 years after your treatment.

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