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August 20, 2020

3 ways Invisible Braces have changed dentistry

If you’re tired of living with crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw or an imperfect smile, then you’re at the right place. People who face such problems often think about getting braces, and we don’t blame them – after all, braces can fix their teeth and help them smile freely again.

But getting traditional metal braces is stressful. You worry about a number of factors - cost, time, effort, social concerns, comfort, pain tolerance, and more.  

Invisible Braces are the answer to all your woes - it’s everything you’ve been looking for. Why are invisible braces revolutionary? Allow us to elaborate:

1. Invisible Braces produce quick results

When someone finally decides to get braces, it’s because they just don’t want to carry that smile anymore. They’re tired, and they just want that perfect smile now! Now imagine getting braces and then having to wait another couple of years or so – how frustrating is that! 

Invisible braces shorten this time span into just a few couple of months. You can get your new smile in as little as 6 months or less! You no longer have to wait, and wait, and wait…till you finally see results!

2. Invisible Braces are affordable

Metal braces in the UAE cost around AED 15,000, and other teeth-straightening aligners cost up to AED 20,000. Now imagine getting braces that are equally effective (perhaps more) at more than half that price. Smileneo connects you to licensed clinics in the UAE that offer Invisible Braces treatment at just AED 6,900 – this includes consultation and your full set of clear aligners and supporting accessories. And if you don’t want to spend all the money in one go, you could also opt for the installment plan with 0% markup. 

3. Invisible Braces eliminate social awkwardness

A lot of people decide against getting braces because of the associated social awkwardness. Out of fear of embarrassment, they choose to live without their dream smile. Invisible Braces completely get rid of the social factor because the treatment is practically invisible (as the name suggests). This makes it particularly suitable for adults too, who can comfortably get their teeth straightened without thinking about what other people would think.

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