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July 29, 2021

Smileneo and the Saudi Vision 2030

How does Smileneo fit into the Saudi Vision 2030?

With the aim of diversifying its economy and becoming less dependent on oil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set ambitious goals that fall under its Vision for 2030. These goals include developments spanning across different sectors ranging from tourism and real estate to healthcare and education without forgetting the financial and industrial initiatives.

Under its “Vibrant Society” pillar of the Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to further develop its digital infrastructure of the health sector. To drive digital innovation, the healthcare institutions need to think beyond the typical clinical and medical device technology and start moving towards the following innovations:

  1. Network infrastructure and coverage
  2. Healthcare information technology and cloud storage
  3. Digital processes driving efficiency  

At Smileneo, we partner with licensed orthodontists in the Kingdom and enable them to become part of the digitalization of orthodontics. We provide patients with access to an affordable, convenient and digital solution to straighten their teeth through invisible braces.

How do we do it?

The processes we have established and share with our licensed local partner clinics aim to provide a more seamless experience for patients and is at the forefront of a one-of-a-kind telehealth platform. Our standardized operating procedures ensure utmost patient safety and quality of care, especially that the clear aligner treatments are planned and overseen by orthodontists. Our digital platform is not replacing physical visits at the clinics but enhancing processes and patient care compared to traditional treatments.

The Smileneo platform supports licensed clinics with the following:

  1. Tech infrastructure for a 24/7 digital communication platform that allows licensed partner clinics to interact with patients and enhance the level of care throughout the treatment leading to successful results. 
  2. Preparing for the patients’ appointment in advance by having access to the information filled during the online assessment on the platform allowing for more efficient physical assessment.
  3. Standardizing the clinical processes that maximize efficiency with regards to patient appointments by streamlining the steps that have been communicated with the patients prior to the appointment.
  4. Setting up clinical appointments digitally by integrating the Smileneo platform to the clinic’s booking software which ensures a seamless customer experience journey.
  5. Enabling the licensed clinics to safely store patient information digitally.

With the rise of digitally savvy patients and high rate of mobile penetration, we aim to provide access to affordable and convenient invisible braces treatment for the people of Saudi Arabia across different areas and regions. This goal is only achievable through digital innovation for both patients and licensed partner clinics!

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