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July 7, 2021

How to become a successful social media influencer

If you have ever wondered how to become a successful social media influencer, please find some tips to follow below:

- Start by picking brands, products, and hobbies that you are passionate about and therefore making content via vlogs, blogs, and various social media posts will become relatively “easy.” Pick something you would like to write about, related to your daily lifestyle or something that you aim to accomplish (first time trying to complete a fitness competition or an obstacle course race, trying out new products to improve your appearance like invisible braces, or a brand/product that you admire and follow yourself). It could be anything such as fitness, beauty, food/dining, apparel, small businesses that you support and so on.

- Once you have your niche then you can create the content related.  It has been said by many people, those that definitely are successful, but stands true today and that content is KING!

- Know your audience and learn about your followers. Who are they, where are they from and their demographics and what content they like and read/comment on.  All of this will help you determine how to create your content and keep your audience engaged and ultimately help you support the various businesses/products.

- Be active on your social media. Think of how-to influence your audience. Viewers, readers, and followers grow around personalities. You must build trust and respect.

- Grow your followers!  As you grow your followers, your own brand will build and your marketability to businesses large and small will do the same.  Influencer compensation often starts with how large your follower base is, where they’re located,, how much of the followers are interested in the business/product you’re promoting, and definitely how creative and relevant your content is.

- Be creative. Get out there, think outside the box or think like there is no box at all! Your followers do not want to see the same things.

- Post and share your content on all channels so do not limit yourself to one social media platform.

- Interact with your fans and followers.  Be friendly and be open and honest. Host live Q&A sessions. Smile more and be confident in your brand. Appearance truly does matter, get your perfect smile with Invisible Braces within 6 months.  To learn more, and start with Online Assessment at smileneo.io.

- Collaborate with the brand and product. Check out a few Instagram influencers who collaborate with the brand like Smileneo Invisible Braces.




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