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May 29, 2020

4 things to keep in mind when opting for Invisible Braces

You’re someone who really likes to do your research before you decide anything. You have a comparison list for every brand, every product, every restaurant. You always want to make an educated decision. Well, we like such people a lot. And we want you to do exactly that before you start your smile journey with us. 

You won’t have to make the list though, we’ll prepare it for you. You are already convinced that our orthodontist-directed, at-home Invisible Braces will give you a smile you’ll love for 60% less, here are a few more things you can keep in mind when making your decision. 

Four top features to look out for in your Invisible Braces treatment

1. Orthodontists plan the treatment

It's important to take note that your treatment plan is designed by orthodontists and not dentists. Orthodontists are specialists in the diagnosis and correction of misalignments of the teeth. They specialise in how to straighten teeth. It’s what they do. It's what they've studied all those years.

2. Remote monitoring by orthodontists via mobile app

You now know you shouldn't have to worry about recurring clinic visits. You now also know the importance of orthodontists and who they really are. Now imagine straightening your teeth without office visits, but still have an orthodontist directing your care throughout the course of your treatment. With Smileneo, you get 24/7 access to orthodontist care via the Smileneo mobile app. Whether you’re at work, in school or lying in bed, you have an orthodontist at your fingertips. And what really puts you at ease is that it will be the same orthodontist who designs your treatment plan that will make sure everything is on track. You get to have direct chats with them and online check ups via scans you’ll take from your phone.

3. 3D Intraoral scanners instead of impression kits for precision

If you’ve previously been familiar with the concept of Invisible Braces then you must have heard of traditional impressions. Impressions are an old school way of getting a model of your jaw, the precision of that is questionable as there is complete reliance on a physical mold. It's now time for the future of teeth straightening; Smileneo understands that for complete precision, one can’t rely on dental impressions, you need state of the art technology. 3D intraoral scanners are used to create a computerised 3D models of your jaw. The scan takes hardly any time and is very precise. Orthodontists then use that model to create your treatment plan with 100% precision - for complete transparency and expectation alignment, Smileneo shares a 3D preview of your smile - this way you know exactly where you stand and what to expect. 

4. An x-ray is performed to ensure that the jaw can move teeth

You should only ever be treated if your orthodontist is 100% sure that they can drive results. After the first round of online approval when you send pictures of your smile, you visit a clinic where you get consultation by an expert. The consultation, which Smileneo is currently offering for free (save AED 400), includes an x-ray of your jaw. The x-ray shows us if you have enough room and bone in your jaw to move teeth. Once you get a sign-off from your expert that you are good to go for the treatment, we get your 3D scans and get started. The x-ray is testament to our meticulousness and devotion to delivering the best results.

Got the list of pros that you needed? Convinced? Take the Online Assessment now and get started with your Smileneo journey today. 

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