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August 31, 2020

Is teeth alignment really important?

A lot of people consider getting braces or other teeth straightening treatments for the improvement of their physical appearance. But did you know that crooked teeth or misaligned jaw actually affects your health too? Yes, you heard us right! 

Too often, people with misaligned teeth ignore getting treatment because they just don’t consider it a priority. If you’ve also been holding off your treatment, we suggest you change your plans. And here’s why:

What problems can be caused by crooked teeth?

Your teeth are connected to many muscles and joints that affect your neck, head, and other body parts. Since everything in the body is connected, poor teeth can cause some health issues without you realizing. For instance – having teeth that overlap or are too overcrowded can lead to frequent headaches. Other problems include:

Low self-esteem 

Crooked teeth or misaligned jaw affects one’s smile. The crowded or crooked smile can hurt the person’s self-esteem, causing them to feel embarrassed about their smiles.

Chewing difficulty 

When a  person’s teeth are not in their ideal positions, the misalignment can lead to improper chewing which can cause more strain on the teeth - leading to increased wear and tear - this may also rapidly deteriorate the health of the jaw.

Speech impediment

Crooked or misaligned teeth can also lead to difficulty in talking due to the interference of the teeth. This may result in speech impediment and consequently impact your confidence.

Difficulty in cleaning the teeth

People with crooked teeth have a much higher chance of debris build up. When teeth aren’t aligned, your toothbrush doesn’t make its way into those difficult spots between the teeth - leading to poor dental hygiene. In the worst case scenario, not being able to clean the teeth properly can also lead to periodontal disease. 

If you’ve been avoiding braces due to the costs, time and awkwardness that you may feel while wearing them, then you’re in the right place. Well, we have three words that can solve these problems for you – Invisible Braces.

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