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October 22, 2020

Maintain your dream smile with retainers

You took an average of 6 months- but you finally arrived at a smile you love and you’ve never looked better - you feel more confident, you smile more, you’re happier and that’s just perfect. Now, you want to keep feeling this way and looking this way and that’s where Retainers come in. If you don’t retain, it’s likely your teeth will go back to where they started. You need to wear retainers until your teeth get used to their new position.

These retainers aren’t the clunky wired and banded ones you’ve seen in memes and movies - they are exactly like the last set of your Clear Aligners. Tight-fitting, clear mouth pieces, sitting perfectly on your perfect teeth. Have some questions? Let’s see if we can guess what your questions are:

How do retainers work?

Retainers are especially designed for you - the mould is in the shape of what your teeth look like after treatment. They make sure your teeth don’t shift back to their original position after treatment. Why does that happen? Your bones and gums need time to adjust to the new position - your teeth have moved but the rest may take some time to adjust. These tight fitting plastic trays make sure your teeth stay put.

For how long will you have to wear your retainers?

Don’t worry - you don’t have to keep your retainers on all the time - you’re already done with that and you did great. The retainers will have to be worn at night time only for 1.5-2 years.

How do I make my retainers last longer?

If carefully worn, you can make your retainers last a year. You can do that by firstly keeping them clean. Your clear retainers are the same as your clear aligners - so you clean both the same way. One simple way to clean if they look really dirty is to brush them lightly, use a soft brush and NO toothpaste or you soak in soapy water - use lukewarm or cool water, never use hot water. Second, you should always store them properly when not in use during the day. Each time after use, rinse them with cool water and store in your Invisible Braces case. Third, always brush and floss your teeth before putting them on. Lastly, always store them in a cool place - heat can be damaging, so it’s not just the hot water but also hot places, example a heated car that you should avoid.

Follow our tips and you’re good for a long time. Changing every 12 months is what we recommend.

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