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May 12, 2020

Presents for patience: Smileneo makes waiting fun

A smiling face is a beautiful face, and with Smileneo’s Invisible Braces, you never have to be conscious of your smile ever again. Cheaper than metal braces, more comfortable to wear, convenient remote consultations – Smileneo offers everything one could hope for!

But alas! The long wait for the flawless smile is perhaps starting to wear you out! Who knew the lockdown would last for so long?

Don’t lose your smile over this. At Smileneo, we want to make sure you’re always smiling. And that’s why, we’ve concocted up some amazing ideas to make this waiting-time an entertaining experience!

How is Smileneo making waiting in line fun?

We realize that the Covid-19 lockdown has come in between you and your perfect new smile. That’s why we want to help you look forward to your new grin fondly! Sign up with Smileneo before clinics reopen and we promise that all this waiting will be worth it!

  • Get Free Doctor Consultation
    Everyone knows that doctor consultations are worth a lot. But what if your doc would do a checkup and provide other services for free? Yes! Smileneo is providing free Doctor Consultation for its early birds! All you have to do is sign up with us before clinics reopen and enjoy savings up to AED 400! You can put the money you save to other uses – perhaps an online course or to help the needy in these unfortunate times, and so on.

    We have your attention now? Let's understand this further. The Smileneo Doctor Consultation is the next step after you take the online assessment. Once you take the assessment and submit your pictures, the Smileneo orthodontists review your case and get back with results within 24 hours. If you're eligible, you make an appointment at a partner clinic for doctor consultation. At the consultation, you get a physical assessment and an x-ray - our doctors really make sure your jaw condition is good and you are the right candidate for the treatment - we are all about precision and attention to detail. Once the doctors have made sure you are eligible, they take 3D intraoral scans of your teeth with state of the art 3D technology - this is key as this is how your treatment plan is designed. Now normally, you'd be paying 400 AED for all these services you're getting during your visit to the clinic but Smileneo wants to reward all those who sign-up now instead of waiting for clinics to reopen so if you sign-up now (you can easily do it sitting in bed) you get all this completely free.
Presents for patience: Free Consultation
  • Get a free gift every week
    Just waiting, not knowing when this curfew will be lifted can be exhausting – well, not anymore! Smileneo is giving out exciting gifts to its beloved patients. Look out for our emails, announcing what gifts are coming your way. Each week you wait, we will add a gift to your package - how exciting will it be when you finally receive your Smileneo package with all those gifts AND your invisible braces? So you see how waiting in line has been made fun? Are you secretly hoping you get a few extra weeks of lockdown so you can stock up on lots of gifts? No more boring and dull waiting for you, pal!  
Presents for patience: Weekly Gifts

How to sign up for the Smileneo treatment?

Smileneo’s sign up process is very simple. Take the online assessment - you will see the big green button everywhere on the website, click it and get started from your home - we really are the best at social distancing. Take the free online assessment, attach 3 pictures of your smile and voila! You’re all set! And once you’re part of the Smileneo family, you can win prizes and enjoy all the benefits exclusively available to our customers! We also have our orthodontists available on chat - so whatever questions you have right now about your treatment, you can ask us anything and we will have our experts give you the answers you're looking for - as we said social distancing at its best.

Patient satisfaction is our priority -we want to see you smile beautifully and confidently. In only 6 months avg, we’ll give you that celebrity smile you always wanted. Find out if you are a candidate by complete online assessment, wait with us, and soon, smile with us!  

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