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October 8, 2020

Say hello to your Smileneo Invisible Braces tools

Smileneo strives to make your journey to straight teeth as easy as possible. So from being able to start your treatment online, to eliminating clinic visits with remote monitoring via an app - its all about providing you with most convenience.  

Your Smileneo tools come in a big blue box with your set of clear aligners. Would you like to know the purpose each tool serves?

Smileneo Invisible Braces tools


These help you to adjust your Invisible Braces better on your teeth. Bite on the chewies, starting from one side and then moving them over to the other side, to make sure your Invisible Braces are fully set. No awkward pushing or shoving the aligners with your fingers. Our chewies will do the trick. 

Removal tool

As the name suggests, the removal tool helps you take out your transparent braces. You’re supposed to keep your braces on 22 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should ideally only remove them when you are eating or drinking. You can use the hook to pull aligners up/down and off your teeth.


When you remove your clear aligners, you can’t just keep them anywhere. After all they are supposed to go back in your mouth. And for that we have the case - your Invisible Braces should either be in your mouth or in your case at all times. The case keeps them clean and safe. It’s compact and easy to carry - can easily fit in your pocket or a small clutch for the ladies.

Cheek Retractor

The cheek retractor helps to pull your cheek muscles away from the teeth. This provides complete exposure of the teeth. It is used while uploading pictures of your teeth during the treatment on the Smileneo Mobile App, to help our orthodontist track progress.

Good luck with your treatment. Haven’t started? Take the Online Assessment now and say hello to your new smile.

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