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September 20, 2020

Signs that tell an adult that they need braces

Are you an adult who has crooked or misaligned teeth but has never thought of getting braces? Truth be told, you need braces more than you think!

Braces are a common treatment to straighten teeth. Adults are increasingly opting to get braces in order to attain that perfect smile! If you think that you or anyone you know might need braces, we strongly advise that you check for the signs.

What signs? That’s what we’re here to answer.

Common signs that an adult should get braces

  • Your teeth are visibly crowded or crooked - pursing your lips together while you smile
  • You have a hard time flossing and brushing around the crooked teeth - leaving your teeth stained
  • Your teeth don’t overlap over each other properly.
  • You keep biting your tongue because your teeth aren’t where they are supposed to be
  • You have trouble pronouncing some sounds because of the position of your tongue under the teeth - some people find that cute but most don’t
  • Your jaw often makes noises while chewing food - can be embarrassing at a formal dinner
  • You often feel some sort of tiredness or stress on your jaw after munching for a while

If you feel you know these symptoms all too well, then you know that it’s about time you get braces. There are different types of  dental braces. For years, the most commonly known ones were metal braces, until the Invisible Braces made an entry. Metal braces are time consuming and every bit inconvenient - they’re also extremely obvious on the teeth and as an adult, many find that awkward and embarrassing.

Needless to say, the ideal teeth straightening treatment for an adult are invisible braces.

Why are Invisible Braces the better option?

Like the name suggests, Invisible Braces are literally invisible. This means that you no longer have to feel awkward about starting your new smile journey as no one will know. It’s the new cool thing to do.

Moving on to other advantages – Invisible Braces are a lot more affordable. Smileneo connects you to clinics that offer them at 6,900 AED only and you can even opt for flexible payment options. An interest free monthly installment plan starting at AED 985/month is available.

What’s more – you get to see REAL results in just a few months. Yes – transparent braces give you that dream smile in as little as just 6 months or less. That’s one of the best positives of getting Invisible Braces because the never-ending waiting time period is usually the most frustrating part of the treatment.

Want to start your Invisible Aligners journey? Here’s how

All you need to do is complete your online assessment. Wait for the orthodontist approval from the licensed clinic and then you can be on your way to getting that perfect smile!

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