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May 17, 2020

Smileneo brings the adult version of getting candy from your dentist

When we were young, a visit to the dentist’s clinic was always daunting. The thought of our gums and teeth being probed with dental tools made us hesitant, but, in the end, the act of getting candy by your dentist made up for everything!

Even though as adults, we love to have a perfect and healthy smile. But, some things never change! Most of us are still often nervous about going for dental consultation. But as adults, it's not the probing of gums, it’s the wallet probing that keeps us at bay! When you first heard about Smileneo Invisible Braces, you were pretty happy, you could straighten your teeth without recurring and expensive dentist visits. Now, Smileneo comes out with even better news of offering Free Doctor Consultation. Could you have asked for better candy from your dentist?

Sign up with Smileneo now to get a free Doctor Consultation and other exciting gifts every week!

Smileneo understands how the current situation has impacted a lot of your plans, including perhaps the one which involved teeth straightening. But we have your back. Customer satisfaction is Smileneo’s priority and to make it up for the lockdown blues if you sign up right now, you get Free Doctor Consultation.

You save an arm and a leg when you opt for Smileneo Invisible Braces. With its remotely monitored treatment, 24/7 helpline and online consultations via chat, there are no recurring dentist visits, everything is done online; and now with the free doctor consultation there really isn't a better way to straighten teeth.

Invisible Braces Offer

This offer is bound to make you feel better than any candy you got as a child from the dentist! With Smileneo, you get more reasons to smile wide and confidently. Head over to our website and take the free Online Smile Assessment and begin your new smile journey!  Don't wait for the clinics to reopen to resume your life. Stay home and enjoy exciting presents for your patience.

How Does Smileneo Work?

Invisible Braces by Smileneo are your ultimate dental solution for all your jaw alignment issues. It is a remote facility that allows you to stay in touch with your orthodontist online and be instructed on-the-go to perfect your teeth so you get a new and healthy smile!

Why waste so much money and time with traditional braces when with Smileneo’s innovative treatment plan, you can get your new smile in just 6 months avg. The process and treatment is done in these 4 simple steps!

  • Take the Online Smile Assessment that identifies your eligibility to be a candidate
  • After selection, you visit a partner clinic for doctor consultation that includes a 3D intraoral scan, an x-ray, a physical assessment by an expert
  • We prepare your customized treatment plan using the best dental 3D technology and send you a 3D preview of your smile transformation for approval
  • Within a week, you’ll get your Invisible Braces and all its accessories delivered to you and you get started with your treatment - your progress will be remotely by our expert orthodontists and you'll have your new smile in just 6 months avg.

Begin your treatment now - make sure you enjoy our candy while it lasts ;)

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